Quesnel Lawn Care

Quesnel Lawn Care


Fertilization is an essential part of any comprehensive lawn care plan. To put it simply, fertilizer feeds your lawn the nutrients it needs in order to produce strong roots and leaves. A well-fertilized lawn lawn is not just greener and better looking; it’s also healthier and better equipped to withstand weeds, disease, and drought. Fertilizing a lawn the  proper way will keep it growing strongly and densely, but once it's done, keeping it well fertilized is what will maintain its health and good looks moving forwards. It will also mean your lawn can withstand harsh conditions – whether a kids' football game or bad weather. Even better?

Fertilizing a lawn regularly can ensure it's less likely to suffer from disease, pests and weeds. Generally speaking, lawn food should be applied three times a year from March to October when the grass is actively growing, but lawns should be watered more regularly, particularly during the summer months.

Quesnel Lawn Care
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